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    - Full Time
    - 1 Hour
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    - Castleknock Parish Center
    - Broombridge Educate Together National School
    - Pelletstown Educate Together National School
    - Phoenix Park Specialist School
    Why choose us

    Our Ethos & Core Values

    At School Kids Aloud, we stand out as a childcare provider because we go the extra mile for your child and for you. We provide a friendly and safe environment where our team understand that the needs of every child are different and encourage your child to be curious and creative. We believe in open communication with parents & guardians to ensure we meet the needs of all the children in our care.

    Health and Safety

    School Kids Aloud aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for the children in our care. Children will be signed in and out each day.

    Nutritious Meal

    We have worked with a fully qualified Nutritionist to ensure all of our meals & snacks are healthy.

    Great Staff

    All staff members are experienced in childcare and will have first aid training. Staff members receive in-house training and are encouraged to attend relevant courses whenever possible.

    Fun Environment

    The colorful environment at School Kids ALoud is suitable for children 's age, making them more accessible.