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Staffing ratio is between 1:12 adult to children.  All staff members are experienced in childcare and will have first aid training. Staff members receive in-house training and are encouraged to attend relevant courses whenever possible. In line with Child Protection guidelines, staff are also subject to Garda vetting.


A nutritious hot meal is provided. This is served at 2pm and tea is served at 4.30pm.   Water and sliced fruit are also available.   Breakfast and snacks are included on full days when school is closed.   Any special dietary needs should be discussed with management.


The service will operate approximately 12 months of the year with excellent opening hours. It will close for approximately 1 week at Christmas.  Full day care will be provided on scheduled  schools Closures during the academic year (excluding bank holidays) and Good Friday. It is the parent(s), guardian(s) responsibility to check school term calendars and inform management in advance of any early closing days or holidays.


Parents/Guardians will designate those persons, other than themselves permitted to collect their child(ren) from the service on their Registration Form. Parents/Guardians without genuine emergency reasons for collecting after 6 pm will be subject to a fine of 10 euro per 10 minutes late.


School Kids Aloud aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for the children in our care. Children will be signed in and out each day. Children are not allowed to leave the building or outdoor play area.   Fire drills will be practiced on a regular basis.  In the event of illness or accident we will contact parents/guardians immediately.   The service will be fully insured for all children and employees. We also aim to provide safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and work practices for all employees of the service. In pursuit of this, we will provide adequate information, training and supervision for staff.


We request that no child be sent to the service when feeling ill. Apart from the discomfort of being ill away from home it is unfair to other children attending the After School. It is imperative that all necessary medical information is included on the registration form and that Management is fully instructed with regard to specific medical symptoms, needs and requirements.   Medication cannot be administered without a signed Medication Request form available from Management.


We aim to achieve an atmosphere of mutual respect.   In order to facilitate this, we will encourage positive behaviour and in the case of bad behaviour make clear that it is the behaviour and not the child that is unwelcome.   Recurring issues will be tackled by the whole after school using objective discussion to establish an understanding of the issue and how to resolve it.   Bullying will not be accepted from any child or adult in the group.


Oral feedback will be given to parents when collecting their children.  Should anyone need to raise a complaint about any aspect of the service, their concern will be taken seriously and investigated by management.   Appropriate action will be taken, and the complainant informed of the outcome.   Our aim is to provide a workable, affordable, and accessible solution for families in the community.  We are willing to be flexible to suit the needs of parents.  Please feel free to discuss any difficulties or requirement you may have regarding fee structures. 


The Safety of your children is our first concern. Therefore, it is necessary for us to maintain a full staff at all times. Hence, we regret that cannot give any reduction in fees for absenteeism due to holiday or illness. Your child’s place must still be held.  Please notify management if your child will be absent as we need to amend the collection list. This is entirely for the safety of your children.   If a child is to be withdrawn permanently from the service, one month’s written notice is required.